Our history

Hayasaki Gallery was born in July 2006 through the efforts of Ms. Kayoko Hayasaki and Mr. Takeshi Iri. The stated aim was to promote and support young contemporary artists, with a mastery of artistic techniques and adhering to the credo of the gallery.

In July 2007, the gallery Hayasaki grows by doubling the surface to provide better visibility of the proposed works.

In June 2009 we organized our first exhibition in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) in collaboration with the Foundation Fuseya Lopez

Hayasaki Gallery celebrates its 5th anniversary in July 2011 with over 60 exhibitions.

In October 2011, the exhibition will be held Tadashi Mori , Master Japanese ceramics, in collaboration with the city of Melun and Cultural Foundation of Okada.

Today Hayasaki Gallery holds exhibitions in various artistic fields, such as figurative painting, sculpture, photography. In addition, it seeks to communicate in the understanding of art media less common, especially that of video art and ceramics.

Image de la Galerie Hayasaki